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This man claims to be a pastor at his church, witch he MIGHT BE! witch makes it that much worse, this man evicted a single mother and her two children out 4 DAYS before Christmas, i Have a cat Very friendly cat and she is an inside cat, i had lived in one of the apartments for around 7 or 8 months that he rents out by lease or month to month depending on what you want my cat escaped my apartment some how ONCE in her LIFE, and he had a Raccoon Trap set around 8 feet from my front door with a can of CAT FOOD! in it. needless to say my cat went in to munch on this can of cat food and he let my cat sit in it for around 5 hours with no water in 90 degree Florida weather, he never told me the cat was there i stepped out looking for my cat and sure enough found her, i promtley removed her from the trap and put her inside then went to look for (Dan Echols) to ask why he had my cat trapped in this cage for hours and did not tell me but could not find him on site, he has seen my cat! so he knows she belongs to me,later that night about 2-3 hours later! he knocks on my door and asks me with a Very poor tone of voice if i took a cat out of his Trap and started to become hostile with his voice and became angry with me as i stated above it was the FIRST time she got out, he went on about how my cat has been going through the trash and making a ''HUGE mess!'' and that next time he see's my cat or my cat ends up in his cage he will not tell me and that he will call Animal control!!! he has multiple Cameras on site as his apartments are on at the same location he keeps all his work equipment night vision cameras the whole nine yards, he claimed to have my cat on video ''doing her dirty work'' yet refused to show me video upon request, to make it worse, 1 week or so later he placed the trap out AGAIN, this time not by my door but by the trash cans *(witch makes sense right ???!?)* and he caught a Huge Possum my cat had been in all night long, i came out to smoke cause i do not smoke inside and i seen a possum in the trap next to the trash and a ''HUGE mess'' as well now finally some one called animal control about it ''not my land lord'' they happen to come out as i was smoking again and i had to deal with them for Him, they scoffed and cursed at me Very unpleasant to work with, They Said '' What the F**K is this? i got a call about a stray cat!, What the H**l is this, this is NOT a Cat what do you expect me to do with This!?!, all i can do is take it around the corner and let it out!'' so i said ''take it easy bud, i did not trap it or call you this is my landlords catch and he is not on site, i honestly do not care what you do with it would you like his number ?'' the man told me no and promtley left in his Truck leaving the Possum in the cage!, i also forgot to mention that he trapped a big orange cat looked a lot like Garfield and DID call animal control and had it taken away, it belongs to a little ole 78 year old lady that lives by her self with that one cat next to me!!! GRRRRR, this man is LAZY i pay 725 dollars a month here for a Small 2 bed 1 ba with no electric included, i deal with loud trucks ALL DAY every day but sunday Starting at around 6:30 - 7:30 am i have a 6mo daughter so i already get little sleep, i paid 1st and last plus a 200 pet deposit to move in, when i moved in he told me, ''all the AC's are brand new and working'' 2 days went by before i tryed them out when i did i found one to NOT EVEN TURN ON!!! so i told him, the next day he replaced it with a used ac that had been siting out in the rain for around 9 months... it Worked though, ''window ac units'' so this one was smaller then the last leaving large gaps on all sides and the top of the AC, he said okay i will be back in the morning with your front door keys and some liquid foam in a can to fill her up'' and he never came back to do so its been 7 months i have asked over and over he says tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow every time i ask, the foam is like 5 bucks and it takes about 2-3 minutes tops to do... still have no keys i had to get locks my self so i could have a key, i had a large truck out back i was in the process on selling, when i went out to sell it and let the buyer drive off i realized there was around 1300-2000 pounds of wood chips dumped directly in front of the truck blocking it AND my back door and yard he NEVER knocked and said hey you know we are dumping a bunch of wood chips it will be blocking your truck and yard! when i approached him tell say ''Dan, that is not cool man, you didint even tell me that you were gonna dump and leave all that wood back there'' he responded with''oh well, you are P***ing up a tree, just go back in your house.'' i said '' No dan, that is not okay man if you are gonna leave some thing in the way of my yard/gate and truck you need to tell me that, and so his response to that was to turn his back on me mid sentence while saying ''oh my god, i just can't deal with this much ***'' then he got in his truck and left. JUST this morning we had another issue, i pay for Knology home phone internet and cable tv, 1 week after i got it installed he beat on my door LOUDLY and told me ''this is just unacceptable!'' i had no clue what he was even talking about so i said ''what are you talking about dan...'' and so he tells me ''this S**T! and points and my cable line, apparently the cable tech sent hung the line to low for his Giant trucks to get back there, so i called them had them come out and realized by this time he had got a ladder and wrapped my cable line around the power line above it like 3-4 wraps, once the cable guy showed up i told him to go and raise the line up around 4-5 feet and he stated over and over that is Not our lines they belong to bright house we Cannot touch them sir, so i called dan out on the phone and told him to speak with this cable tech he told my landlord Dan the same thing he told me, so dan said he would just cut the inactive cable line and that's that right ?, well no but you would Think so like i said he is LAAAAZY!@# he never bothered to go cut the line down! so this morning one of his ''Truck Drivers'' a 58 year old man who's name i will add this this review later Via an edit once i have Obtained it, tried to get back there under the cable line he never cut down that was wrapped nice and Snug against my power line and active cable line this took place at Roughly 7:30Am On 03/14/2012, well needless to say it ripped the line down, the cable box off the side of my wall took out my phone tv and internet connections, i heard it as soon as it happened cause it was Extremely loud and woke me up, i ran out side to see what had happen running on 2 and a half hours sleep i was not a happy camper so i asked the driver ''what the H**l did you do?'' at this point i did not even know what the noise was i just knew it came off the side of my house 2 feet from my bedroom window next to my Head!, and so i looked back there with a glance and noticed cables hanging and the box on the floor and said ''What the H**l man you just took out my phone internet and cable, the driver got out of his truck and said and i quote! '' Well your just going to have to F***ing deal with it won't you!'' with a very Nasty tone of voice, so i responded with ''i do not have to deal with Anything!'' the 58 year old man promtley approached saying ''and just What the H**L are you going to do about it?'' by this time his nose was slightly less this an inch from mine and before i went and made my mind up about whether or not i wanted to strike him and settle the old fashioned way, i seen grey hair and asked him how old he was he said ''i'm 58 and i'll beat your F***ing A**, i was in the military Boy'' knowing i live in florida it is an instant felony to lay a finger on the elderly in any threatening or hostile manor whether you feel you were in the right or not, not only that im 21 and he was 58 it would be wrong for me to strike a 58 year old man, so i called my land lord and told him what the man did, he went on to say i was lying and that he Knows the guy and he would never do a thing like that, and so he said ''il be right there OKAY?...'' and hung up on me so i waited out front, he arrived moments later instantly taking the mans side even thought it was all due to the cable line he was to lazy to cut down. and started calling me a liar and once again telling me to go into my house as soon as i begin to get angry and raised my voice he instantly had his phone in hand and called the police telling them that he had an irate tenant and that there was a Domestic case and that he needs ''immediate assistance in *making me go into my house*'' ... ****** TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE HE DOES DO A GOOD JOB IF HIRED I HEAR NOTHING BUT GOOD ABOUT HIS *WORK*'' *****

but then again how good of a job can he be doing if he is to lazy to get rid of wood chips, get the keys to my door that are some where is his office according to him anyway, or fill the large gap around my ac that by the way let in a huge wolf spider that i ended up finding in my 6mo baby's room!!! this man is Cheating on his wife with multiple different women and i know this for a fact, his office door faces my front windows, he has a bed in his office for goodness sake's, i was siting on my porch one night around 9:30pm smoking when i see a taller brunette lady walk out and start pulling her skirt down and repositioning it, She then walks off, seconds later he walks out with his formal button up working class shirt completely astray sweat all over his four head and hair, he begin to button his shirt up and that's when i noticed he also had his pants button undone, his belt was Completely undone and so Directly after i noticed those things he begin to redo his belt his zipper his pants button and tuck his shirt in, right after he got done he looked in front of him self to find me siting RIGHT THERE! he had a total look of shock on his face and stuttered a split second and says ''Hey uh, whats up D?'' then it got awkward and he just walked off, this man claims to be a pastor at his church, to be a good honest hard working christian man, yet he evicts paying tenants 4 days before christmas, curses at his tenants, Cheats on his wife, and is too darn lazy to even look around his office so i can lock my doors at night my daughter is 6mo, i NEED to have door locks!!!

Thank you for reading my Post and quite honestly i hope none of you ever do business with him, certainly Do Not Rent from him My name is David i am 21 years of age New Father of 1 and i am sick of Horrible people who pose as good hard working christian people.


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Question? Did this person ever become aware if this review?

Id love to know how he reacted! Nevertheless, this was a classic review. It has everything. The best part-for me-is the inexplicable quasi disclaimer where the author states the subject's company seems to do quality work and is well regarded.

Then he immediately questions his own disclaimer by offering a lurid but speculative description of Dan's after-hours adulatory.

He ends with an offhanded aside of an eviction that happened close to Christmas, which (I'd like ti use "witch," but standard usage is pretty clear on this one) he used in the title as the hook to draw me into reading the review. All I can say is: Well done, sir!

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Yes, my wife has while living there!, as well as 3 others we know from our time staying there, he is a low life ***!

to Dan IS A S*** Bag #611472

Would they be interested in possibly writing statments or testifying? It isn't right for people to go through that and I would like to put an end to it.

I've heard too many terrible stories including my own but I need backup. Please contact me privately if you would at

The People Will Know!

wow this is a long review!, it Seemed a lot smaller when i was typing it out, just goes to show how many issues i had with this man!

to The People Will Know! #611404

Hi There, I was wondering if you had a wife or gf who may have had problems with sexual harrassment with this guy or have known of anyone else who has lived there who may have experienced it?

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